About Vail Realtors

With over 35 years of combined experience, Vail Realtors seeks to offer real estate services in the Central Ohio and Columbus area through unequivocal value, authenticity and trust.

We’re not tied to the turn & burn quota demands and costly rigid pricing structures of Big Box Real Estate agencies. Instead, Vail Realtors chooses only a few select clients at a time to ensure our undivided attention. Thus, were are able to offer personalized service and calibrated cost structures, tailored to your specific needs.

About Ben

Ben is a community member, real estate broker, and independent business owner with a passion for home renovation and digital marketing. He helps clients bring out the beauty of their home, and strives to build meaningful relationships where he lives and works.

As the son of two Central Ohio Realtors, Ben closed his first house deal before trying out solid foods. A graduate of Mt. Gilead High School and Ohio State University, he knows central Ohio like the back of his hand and holds it in the center of his heart.

When Ben is not rocking out on the drums, or cheering on the Buckeyes to another win, he’s pioneering real estate practices in Central Ohio. It is Ben’s utmost desire to fully understand your needs and offer you tailored real estate services with a snug fit.

So when it’s time to buy or sell a home in the Central Ohio and Columbus area, please contact us!